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Transportation of liquid cargo

Transportation of liquid cargo
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  • Individual schemes of logistic chains.

Company SUNGATE offers a full range of liquid cargo transportation services: non-hazardous chemistry and chemical products of various UN classes of hazard, liquefied gases, liquid products of food industry. Cargo is transported in tank containers that correspond to the standards of liquid cargo transportation.

Cargo is transported in tank containers allows to make up various amounts of transportation from minimal lots 15-20 tons to several hundreds tons simultaneously. The main advantages of such transportations are a wide range of transported cargo, safety, reliability and possibility of transportation using various types of transport, except for transhipment from one vehicle to another.

In case of transportation of liquid cargo, SUNGATE selects and provides necessary type and quantity of tank containers, prepares the optimal itinerary for transportation, executes accompanying documents, ensures cleaning and repair of the equipment. Availability of our own railway platforms allows us to maximally reduce the terms of cargo delivery and cut expenses.

Our company has many years' experience in liquid cargo transportation in tank containers, work with chemical plants in Europe, CIS countries, Asia and America, organisation of loading and cargo delivery anywhere in the world through the ports of the Baltic Sea.

Cargo safety is guaranteed by mutual insurance association TT Club - the leading company in the field of cargo transportation insurance.

This service is rendered by the following regional offices:

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ул. Енисейская, д.7, к.3, Москва, 129344, Россия
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E-mail: sungate@sungate.ru

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We specialise in railway transportation of perishable cargo in refrigerated containers, transportation of bulk chemical and food products in tank containers, bulk cargo in specialised bulk containers, container transportations, transportation of outsized cargo and wheel equipment, and project cargo.


We ensure full escorting of the cargo we were entrusted: we prepare and implement optimal transportation scheme and itinerary, we arrange customs and sanitary formalities, execution of cargo documents, organisation of stevedore works, if necessary, we organise intermediate storage of cargo in warehouses and insurance.

Container train

We are pleased to offer all our customers regular container train service, being the operator on the route from port of Ust-Luga - Moscow - port of Ust-Luga, with the subsequent delivery from the rail terminal in Moscow to customer's door and return of the empty container to the port of Ust Luga. This service allows you to send a container from two terminals in the port of Ust Luga - ULCT and South IPC-2.

Payment of fares

Company offers railway tariff payment services for the cargo transported in the territory of the Baltic States, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, countries of the Central Asia and other countries-members of CIS and the European Union.

Transportation of perishable cargo

SUNGATE is the leader in transportation of refrigerated cargo through the Baltic ports.

Forwarding in Baltic ports

We provide services for the receipt and acceptance of goods, their placement and storage and further shipping in the ports of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia.

Certification of cargo

Approvals are issued either as a part of a package of customs clearance services, or separately – for the customers ordering the execution of only some of the documents given below.

Customs services

In the area of customs clearance we offer: clearance in all customs regimes, selection of the best options, assistance in obtaining certificates, hygienic conclusions, passing phytosanitary and veterinary control.

Rate request

This form is intended for entry of the information required for transportation rate calculation.

Application for container train

This form is used to entry of information required for place bookings in the container train.

About our company

The company OOO “SUNGATE” started its activity in 1996. It is a member of the holding company group “SUNGATE”. Working in a holding enables us to guarantee to our clients that our company will be able to solve virtually all issues related to international transportation. We take responsibility for all works related to transporting, reloading, storing, insuring cargoes as well as customs documentation and legal support.

Our Partners

Reliable partnership is one of the main principles in SUNGATE work. Our company works with professional and top-ranked leaders in their sectors.


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