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Reliable partnership is one of the main principles in SUNGATE work. Our company works with professional and top-ranked leaders in their sectors.

Russian Railways (ОАО "РЖД")

- our strategic partner. A direct contract with the management of OAO Russian Railways for payment of Russian railway tariffs allows us to offer our customers profitable and competitive tariffs for transportation.

Latvian Railways (VAS "LDZ")

Latvian concern ensuring railway haulage in the territory of Latvia. Long-term partnership and strong business connections between SUNGATE and LDz guarantee further successful cooperation.

Noord Natie Ventspils terminals SIA (NNVT)

a multi-purpose cargo transshipment centre. In Ventspils Free Port. This is the most modern terminal for processing Ro-Ro, container and general cargo in the Baltic region.

Riga Container Terminal SIA (RCT)

one of the largest stevedore companies in Latvia working in the territory of Riga Free Port.

Baltic Container Terminal SIA (BCT)

Today this is one of the fastest growing container terminals in the Baltic region located in Riga Free Port.

Rīgas Universālais Termināls SIA (RUT)

The terminal specialises in transhipment of general and bulk cargo, such as containers, outsized and heavy cargo, sawn timber, wood chips and granules, round timber, as well as frozen and bulk food products.


the largest transport operator of the Central Asia.

Carrier Transcold Performance Parts Group

the leading global manufacturer of refrigerated containers. The use of reliable containers ensures high quality of perishable cargo transportation.


one of the largest container renters. Close cooperation of SUNGATE and GESeaCo allows to offer the required type and quantity of cargo containers to the customer on a timely basis.

TAL International Container Corporation

offers its customers the container rental solutions. The company has the largest pool of containers and strategic representative offices all over the world.

SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd

a large renter of equipment for container transportations. The company owns and manages its own pool of containers and container ships.

TT Club Mutual Insurance Ltd

the leading company in the field of insurance and risk assessment in the sector of international transport and logistic services. The cooperation between SUNGATE and TT Club guarantees safety and reliability of transportations.

International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations FIATA

a non-governmental organisation that represents cargo transportation sector and unites more than 40,000 transport and logistic companies.

Coordination Council of Trans-Siberian Transportations

the largest non-commercial transport association aimed at attracting transit and foreign trade cargos to Trans-Siberian route. SUNGATE is full member of the Council.

Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI)

is the main partner in creation of scientific and analytical facility for development and optimization of SUNGATE activities and transport and logistic sector in general.

Venta Group

- customs, warehouse and transportation services in Russia, Finland, China, the Baltic States and Kazakhstan.

Avelana Logistic

– full range of forwarding services related to organisation and transportation of any cargo anywhere in the world by any kind of transport and their combination.
Our services


We specialise in railway transportation of perishable cargo in refrigerated containers, transportation of bulk chemical and food products in tank containers, bulk cargo in specialised bulk containers, container transportations, transportation of outsized cargo and wheel equipment, and project cargo.


We ensure full escorting of the cargo we were entrusted: we prepare and implement optimal transportation scheme and itinerary, we arrange customs and sanitary formalities, execution of cargo documents, organisation of stevedore works, if necessary, we organise intermediate storage of cargo in warehouses and insurance.

Container train

We are pleased to offer all our customers regular container train service, being the operator on the route from port of Ust-Luga - Moscow - port of Ust-Luga, with the subsequent delivery from the rail terminal in Moscow to customer's door and return of the empty container to the port of Ust Luga. This service allows you to send a container from two terminals in the port of Ust Luga - ULCT and South IPC-2.

Payment of fares

Company offers railway tariff payment services for the cargo transported in the territory of the Baltic States, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, countries of the Central Asia and other countries-members of CIS and the European Union.

Container leasing

SUNGATE pool of containers consists of 300 40’ HC refrigerated containers. Containers of the leading global manufacturers allow maintaining any necessary regime during cargo transportation.

Rolling stock leasing

The rolling stock of the company SUNGATE includes 300 fitting platforms and 30 diesel power generating train cars.

Repair facility

Safety of cargo, and above all - safety of refrigerated cargo is ensured during transportation by high reliability of the equipment.

Lease of special-purpose rolling stock

SUNGATE offers couplers for transportation of refrigerated containers for rent.

Rate request

This form is intended for entry of the information required for transportation rate calculation.

Application for container train

This form is used to entry of information required for place bookings in the container train.

About our company

OОО SG Rail is a member of the company group “SUNGATE”. Its main specialization is providing a package of shipping and forwarding services in Kazakhstan. In cooperation with other companies of the group, it arranges deliveries of cargoes from Europe, China and America to recipients in Kazakhstan.

Our Partners

Reliable partnership is one of the main principles in SUNGATE work. Our company works with professional and top-ranked leaders in their sectors.


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