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Bonded warehouse

Bonded warehouse

The public bonded warehouse “Mis Taka” provides a full range of services for the storage of goods in regimes "bonded warehouse" and "temporary storage."

The bonded warehouse offers storage services, sorting, weighing, loading and unloading, and other ongoing operations with the goods placed under the customs regimes "bonded warehouse" and "temporary storage."

Goods categories offered for storage:

  1. Cars and trucks and spare parts
  2. Industrial machinery and spare parts
  3. Home appliances and equipment
  4. Building Materials
  5. Other non-food products.

The warehouse complex is located 5 kilometers from the city of Tashkent and has comfortable connection tracks and access roads (the JV “Mis Taka” bonded warehouse has access to Grade 1 highways of international importance: M39 (Almaty - Bishkek - Tashkent - Termez) and M34 (Tashkent - Dushanbe).

The bonded warehouse consists of three separate storage facilities with total area of 657 sq.m. equipped with fire and security alarm systems. There is also a ground for the storage and parking of trucks and construction equipment with simultaneous placement of 15-25 units. The warehouse is provided with all the necessary technical means (truck crane, gantry crane, forklift, ripper, scales, etc.). The bonded warehouse is a 24- hour guarded object.

All services are performed at a high level with an individual approach to each customer. Skilled personnel and up-to-date technical equipment provide high quality processing of your shipment and its safe storage. All this ensures high dynamics of cargo handling at all stages - from receiving the goods at the warehouse until it is shipped. Vast experience in the market of warehouse, customs and transport services ensures the high quality of services, their complexity and focus on customer satisfaction.

This service is rendered by the following regional offices:

  • Regional office in Uzbekistan(current page)

We will be happy to answer your questions


33, ул.Дурмон Уйли, 100125, Ташкент, Узбекистан
Phone: (+998 71) 2621868, 2621872
Fax: (+998 71) 2621868, 2621872
E-mail: mistaka@mistaka.uz

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Our services

"Mis Taka" Terminal

The main activity of the terminal is the service of empty containers of the customers.

The terminal has a separate connecting track that enables the delivery of containers both by rail and road transport.


To date, JV “Mis Taka” provides a full range of freight forwarding services in Uzbekistan.


We specialise in railway transportation of perishable cargo in refrigerated containers, transportation of bulk chemical and food products in tank containers, bulk cargo in specialised bulk containers, container transportations, transportation of outsized cargo and wheel equipment, and project cargo.

Payment of fares

Company offers railway tariff payment services for the cargo transported in the territory of the Baltic States, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, countries of the Central Asia and other countries-members of CIS and the European Union.

Transportation of perishable cargo

SUNGATE is the leader in transportation of refrigerated cargo through the Baltic ports.

Transportation of project cargo

We organise transportation of oversized, extra large and heavy cargo by railway, road, maritime and air transport.

Transportation of liquid cargo

SUNGATE offers a full range of services for the transportation of bulk liquids. Transportation is carried out in tank containers.

Forwarding in Baltic ports

We provide services for the receipt and acceptance of goods, their placement and storage and further shipping in the ports of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia.

Container train “Ust-Luzsky Express”

We are pleased to offer all our customers regular container train service, being the operator on the route from port of Ust-Luga - Moscow - port of Ust-Luga, with the subsequent delivery from the rail terminal in Moscow to customer's door and return of the empty container to the port of Ust Luga. This service allows you to send a container from two terminals in the port of Ust Luga - ULCT and South IPC-2.

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About our company

The company OOO “Mis Taka” started its activity in 1995. It is a member of the company group “SUNGATE”. The main specialization of the company is transportation of various cargoes in containers (including refrigerator and tank containers) and other train carriages.

Our Partners

Reliable partnership is one of the main principles in SUNGATE work. Our company works with professional and top-ranked leaders in their sectors.


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